At our company, we believe that life is more than just the time we spend at our desks. A healthy and active lifestyle is essential for keeping our minds sharp and our creativity flowing. So when the Skopje Run 10K race rolled around this year, our team laced up their sneakers and hit the pavement, eager to prove that the IT industry can prioritize health and fitness!

Among the participants was Sonja, our wonderful HR manager, who led the way with her infectious enthusiasm. Together with two of our “roommates” from Emteq Labs (our co-working partners at the Skopje office), Sonja ran with purpose, determination, and a smile.

The race was more than just a run; it was a celebration of friendship and collaboration, highlighting the importance of staying active outside the office and away from the screen. Whether through sharing training tips, encouraging each other to push the pace, or simply enjoying each other’s company, this event reminded us all of the value of teamwork.

The Skopje Run 10K helped us bond as colleagues and as friends, showing that health and fitness are just as important as project deadlines and code reviews. The fresh air and camaraderie fostered a sense of unity and well-being that continues to inspire us long after the race.

After the race, our dear colleague Olivera made healthy, sugar-free pancakes for the runners, and we gathered in our office to enjoy them together. The pancakes were delicious and a perfect post-run treat. They provided a moment of relaxation and bonding after the physical effort. As we enjoyed the pancakes, we reflected on our accomplishments and felt grateful for the friendship and support of our colleagues. It was a wonderful way to wrap up the event and further strengthen our connections as a team.

Here’s to more miles, more memories, and the joy of staying active, no matter where we work! We can’t wait for next year’s race. Until then, let’s keep moving and support each other both inside and outside the office.

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