National Student Services, Inc. (NSSI) is excited to announce our strategic collaboration with Assurant, a global leader in risk management solutions for the auto, lifestyle, and housing protection sectors. This partnership aims to expand our offerings in the insurance market, particularly through our innovative Renters Insurance plans. For more information on our joint offerings, visit our dedicated page: NSSI Renters Insurance.

About Assurant

Assurant is renowned for its comprehensive risk management solutions that encompass a wide range of sectors, including auto, lifestyle, and housing protection. They specialize in crafting insurance and protection products coupled with support services that not only enhance business operations but also foster deep customer loyalty through exceptional service. Assurant’s approach combines cutting-edge digital technology with expert human insights, ensuring that their solutions are both innovative and reliably supportive.

Products and Services Offered by Assurant

Assurant’s expertise extends across various domains, providing vital services in property damage, liability, financial loss management, theft, and natural disasters. Their products are designed to facilitate premium customer experiences, crucial in today’s highly connected and dynamic world. Assurant’s proactive solutions in risk management help businesses and their customers navigate the complexities of the connected world with ease and confidence.

NSSI’s Collaboration with Assurant: A Technical Overview

NSSI has integrated with Assurant using a dual API approach to deliver seamless service and product offerings to our customers. The first API is built on Magento, which serves as a robust platform for e-commerce and third-party communications, similar to our previously successful implementations. This system allows for efficient management and dissemination of various insurance products directly through our online channels. The second API is developed with Vanilla PHP, providing a manual yet highly specialized service to interact directly with Assurant’s systems. This integration focuses on handling product data and payment transactions directly from Assurant, ensuring that all operations are streamlined and secure.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Our Renters Insurance plans, in collaboration with Assurant, offer comprehensive coverage for residents. This includes liability coverage for damage or destruction caused to property due to fire, water damage, smoke, or explosions attributed to the resident. Additionally, it covers personal belongings against fire, theft, explosion, and other incidents, ensuring peace of mind for renters by protecting them against unexpected events.

Frontend Innovation

The shopping experience for our insurance products is facilitated entirely through a sophisticated front-end interface, without a traditional backend. This setup ensures that all product selections and transactions are managed dynamically, providing a seamless and intuitive shopping experience for our customers.


Our partnership with Assurant represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide top-tier insurance solutions tailored for the needs of today’s consumers. By leveraging advanced technology and deep industry expertise, NSSI and Assurant are set to transform the landscape of renters insurance and protection services.

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